Suzuki GSXR 1000 bits & other stuff for sale - offers PM pls

Suzuki GSXR parts from a K6 1000 I bought new in Feb 2006:

  • original rear sets + heel plate (never used - had Yoshi rear sets from start) - GBP50 together

  • orginal end-can & tubes (never used - had full Yoshi system right from start) - pipes GBP50, can GBP60

  • original screen (never used) - GBP20

  • original air filter (never used) - GBP10

  • original rear plate holder (never used) - GBP15

  • original suspension cartridges (have Ohlins in there now) - GBP75

  • original rear shock (have Ohlins now) - GBP50

  • standard clutch lever (changed to CRG) - GBP5

  • standard brake lever & system (changed to Bremo radial) - GBP10

  • original front brake lines (changed to Goodridge) - GBP5

  • origial & brand new cam shafts & head gasket (changed to Yoshi from start) - GBP50

how much for the harris stand? why u selling?

how much for the rear shock?

have not made up idea about prices. make me a bid and i’ll let you know if it’s yours or not.

I am selling rear stand because i bought a centre stand from Abba which is better for me.


hi guys, i put prices on most of these.