Suzuki GSX 400SSN Katana for sale

This is a beautiful Suzuki GSX 400 SSN Katana with 26,000 miles.

K reg as it was made in 1992 but imported to this country later believe it was 96. This is a Japanese import quite rare in this country as it looks like the original katana 1100 but slightly smaller. Parts are all still available from Suzuki.

Well what can I say firstly this is a unique katana and i think a unique paint job on it and not the usual silver. It is dark blue, light blue and white, similar to the GSXR colours. I have never seen another one like it.

The bike has recently undergone at an extensive rebuild as I was going to keep it forever but have now decided it’s better to let someone else enjoy it as i no longer use it as often as I should.

The front forks were rebuilt with fresh 15w oil and original suzuki fork seals and guides, the fork stations were in good condition and found to be true. The front brake callipers were cleaned and rebuilt with original suzuki seals (a small fortune) and HEL braided brake lines with clear covers and stainless steel banjo bolts. The brake pads were replaced with sintered EBC pads.

The rear showa shock absorbers were also rebuilt, at great expense I may add, as I liked the lines of the bike with those shocks on, The hagons do noy suit it in my opinion. The rear brake was also rebuilt with suzuki seals and fitted with clear HEL braided lines and stainless steel bolts…

The engine is in fine condition and has the carbs ultrasonically cleaned andre built using new o rings, needles and jets. The valve gaps were checked, not shims so job completed in minutes rather than hours and no shims to buy.

The chain and sprockets are afam and were fitted by FWR in London and it is fitted with and electronic chain oiler.

The bike also has an interesting number plate as can be seen in the photographs and have been told that it can be sold off the bike but I think it suits the bike well.

The bad points: The bike has been over and shows a scratched engine casing and replaced brake lever but nothing is broken and it does not leak any oil. The rear seat surround also has a crack but that can be repaired but I have not had the time to have it done.

The paintwork on the tank and the mud guard does have a few scratches but no dents. The frame has been cleaned and touched in with silver paint.

The bike can be viewed at any time and is open to any inspection. If you wish to view or ask a few questions about the bike email or call me on 07869 221220.





Come on Raf, at least give it a clean. Classic bike, good luck with the sale.