Every Friday and most Wednesday I am at Ace, and I never seen that much riders with this bike.I’m just curious to know if somebody else has the same bike!!!

I had one briefly. Didn’t get on with it. The fueling drove me mad. Like the idea of it though.

Yup !:w00t:

I had a PC3 fitted and sorted out the fueling issues. You can get the same result with the whole TPS adjustment , but way over my ability !

For me as a first bike was a good deal ( price & insurance ) and when I passed by DAS the instructor who was on a demo bike let me go for a blast !

I know what everyone means re the fueling tho , pain in the nads !

Wow that’s a really sharp looking bike! I’d ride that! Love the black ‘n’ red accents on it.

My one is not really juicy!!

i like your bike m8!!??Where did you get the tail tidy ?!?!

Its this one amigo :

looks wicked in them colours!! not a fan of silver…

Thanks amigo!!!C u at the ace with your bike!

Ratty46 (24/02/2009)

Yo M8…I’m selling my tank cover (bagstar,leather),I used for about 40 days,and I took of because don’t match with the colours of my bike,if you are interest let me know!!Take care