Suzuki gsf 600 bandit for sale

Cheap bike for sale needs some work front tyre and back brake discs and pads.mot till 25-26 February £550 what go lower then £500£550/1211288571

Not cheap when you got to spend £400 plus, to it get back on the road!
£50 and a packet of crisps

Has it got a ticket?

What the packet of crisps

So it’s a bike that’s almost worthless, needing work that’s almost the cost of the bike itself, and has only a month’s MOT on it? I’ll pass

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You are cynical

Wow so you lot think that for wear and tear items … Tyres and brakes .that you would need to spend £400 .You would need to spend that at some time anyway but hate to think where you buy your parts from …

And lack of mot … its the 2nd hand market gamble … it could have a 12months dodgy mot on it and you would happily buy it but as it only has a month oooohhh noooo .
It may not be a ready to ride away bike but in reality for that price you buy it to get into a rideable condition …

Sadly i have my own project sat in garage and no not Janeys Triumph …

Disc Rear EBC £ 80.29
Rear Kyoto £ 56.98

Disc Rear Pattern £ 51.50

Pads Rear Brenta Sintered (HH Type) £ 19.80

Pads Rear Brenta Standard (GG Type) £ 9.98

Rear EBC Sintered (HH Type) £21.38

Rear EBC Standard (GG Type) £ 17.02

Bridgestone 120/60 17 bt021 £ 68.00

So  £68+ £21.38+£80.29+£29=

£198 inc a mot test fee

Its alright for you to dismiss the ticket, you has that big trailer :wink:

You’ll probably need to add to that list for combustion test, spark plugs, chain & sprockets, a proper cleaning job around the calliper pistons. Then there’s anything else that a proper service might throw up such as, brake fluid, valve clearances, carb balancing, air filter etc. Because being oil/air cooled shouldn’t make one jot of difference to the cold starting and it needing to warm up before it runs well!

But hey ho its the age old dilemma - newer vs older vs maintenance costs.

Asking for £550 suggests to me the seller wants an even rounded £500, on that basis I’d offer him £400 and be prepared to meet in the middle at £450, subject to the advertisement description. I’m reading ‘runs well needs to warm properly as its oil cooled…’ to mean its roadworthy and ‘needs new front tyre and new back brake discs and pads’ to mean they’re serviceable but close to legal limit or manufactures tolerances.

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Is the packet of crisps still for sale

He’s probably gone now

I’ll put me 450 hard earned away then

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