Suzuki Gladius

Anyone else see the article in MCN about the new Suzuki SV650? Not a bad looker, especially in black, and a decent price. But who thought to call it the Gladius? I just think some not-the-butchest roman soldier or dame edna’s flowers when i hear the name. Anyone else think the same?

i really like it…

in blue and white it looks awesome! looks a little liek the new shape hornet, wich i really liek aswell, if they do a thou version i would seriously consider buying one:)

Er - I think the poncy name was designed to appeal to the female end of the market. (I thought the colours were a bit girly too) - as outlined in the MCN article below. Nice bike though.

Perhaps to balance things out and not alienate the fellas they should launch an identical model but with macho colours - tuned for more bhp and called something like the Suzuki Total Nutter Bastard or something. :slight_smile:

``as outlined in the MCN article below’’

–have to admit i never got round to more than skimming the article.

I think that was the second of two MCN articles Alistair mate! :wink:

Susuki Gladius!!! what a name :ermm: when are they bringing out the Susuki Ethel and Vera!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gladius I think is quite a cool name. The gladius was one of the key foundations of the Roman Army that allowed them to fight in close quarters and conquor the most of Europe, parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Shame the bike doesn’t live upto the brutal stabbing nature of the weapon that gave it its name.

It sounds quite harcore now! Thanks for enlightening us Kevsta! They just need to make a matt black one with a stealth type bikini fairing and it’ll sell.

I was about to post a new thread about this bike. I spotted the ‘microsite’ for this bike last night:

It seems very daft to me. Obviously they’ve taken engine out of an SV650, made it look more ‘stylish’ - very ER-6 alike, but saved money with things like a steel frame. Fair enough but then I looked at the specs, its 202kg! Thats a good 30 kg more than the old classic SV and 25kg more than the obvious rival, the ER-6. Assuming it’s aimed at female riders, that extra weight won’t help.

I assume they’re trying to make it a more ‘stylish’ fashion option for riders who just want a bike that works, don’t need silly power but want it to look good. However most of those riders won’t appreciate it’s lardy weight but probably won’t realise till they try something better.

I liked the SV when I demoed one, I’d hate to see it killed off with a nasty rehash like this.

Typical suzuki mid-market lash-up - it means that they can undercut their rivals in price - but the bikes aren’t usually as well thought out as equivalent hondas etc. Suzuki aren’t as big as Honda and don’t have the same r&d resources to throw at their bikes as Honda do - instead they concentrate their r&d investment in insuring that flagship keynote bikes like the GSXR range are cutting edge and competitive.

I like it… me think I might get one lol:):):slight_smile:

The name Gladius aint as bad as a Drag Star or an Intruder;):smiley:

the Gladius can Intrude the Drag Star

…and Yamaha can provide a ‘diversion’ so everybody forgets about the others.

(Diversion, what a daft name, prefer Gladius anyday)