Suzuki Fairings

I have a Gixxer k4 and im trying to remove the fairing all the screws came out no problem, but its the lil back clips four of them, one came out just by pushing it the other 3 are stuck HeLp Me PlZ?

Sounds like the ones where you need a flat-head screw driver, and you slide it in the slot sideways and pop the center out mate.

Jay your the man, the little one under the light (above the front fender) is stuck needs WD40 I think and I need to find the screwdriver and penny I now lost behind the fairing

Oh yeah, there’s other push-fasteners as well, you need a biro pen, or small allen-key and just push it in. You got the WD40 trick already I see

Thanks for that Jay saved me some time and I didn’t break anything I use WD40 for everything, its great i couldn’t live without it im surprised Ann Summers don’t stock it