suzuki drz400sm

following the hand book i checked my oil level yesterday and it shows empty, I’ve followed the guide; idle engine for 3 mins switch off engine, stand upright unscrew oil filler cap to reveal dip stick wipe and place back in then remove to check level. but am i doing this right? the oil was last changed at 600 miles by george white’s and were now on 1600. stupid of me to not have checked this before i know, but are these dry sump engines known for burning oil? Sod it Il do an oil and filter change and see how much comes out, anyone had similar problems? or can offer any advice?

cheers for any help Dave

hi mate i have rebuilt a few drz engines that have gone pop as they have burnt there oil inbetween oil services:w00t:, bad really imo, maybe check you have got oil in it though, some drz’s take longer then 3 mins, start it up and ride it to end of road and back say 150 yards, then turn off and check and youl see if anys in there. if in doubt after a ride or a longer idle check, drain oil out and check as there should be around 1.6 litres in there…:smiley:

Got to agree. 3 minutes idle is not enough to get the oil through the system and into the header “tank”. The XT660 (type) engines take a five to ten minute ride to do that.

Also, check whether the oil filler plug has to be screwed in to check the level or just resting on the filler boss. Seem so vary depending who’s makers manual you read.

Every time I check the oil on the XT660 it shows something different. It’s a bit a pain with these type engines. The best way I found is to check it after a long run (so I know the engine is hot), then just leave it off for 2 minutes before checking.

And yes, mine burns a fair amount of oil too, but then the XT has about 3 liters of it I think.