suzuki drz 400


My bike was stolen last night in romford essex area from my home. It had an almax chain looped round the whole bike, the chain was still on the floor intact, so i think the only way they could of taken it was to dismantle the weels and the rear fender to get the chain off.

If any spots it, could you please let me know. Thanks

Reg: EA08 WRX


Sad news. Will keep 'em peeled as this is my neck of the woods.

Sorry to hear it mate. How was the Almax looped through the wheels? Through the actual spokes?

No the almax chain was threaded threw a metal hoop in the floor, up the side of the bike, over the seat and locked on the other side. I dont think the links of the almax chain would fit threw the wheel spokes as they are so big.

Sounds like they just threaded it off then. I use a 19mm Almax too but I always thread it through my swing arm or actually through the frame or something if I can. A mate of mine uses a special rod you can buy which goes through the axle which you can then chain the Almax to.

Gutted for you anyway mate, hope you get it back.

really sorry to hear mate best of luck geting it back

Fckers! Sorry to hear it bro! Will keep my eyes peeled.

gutted to hear this billy mate:crying: hope its turns up and if you need any help making the place more secure for the future just call me