Suzuki DRZ 400 Front Sprocket Too Big!

I’ve noticed that the front sprocket on my DRZ400 seems to be too large. It has cut a groove into the swingarm. I’m obviously quite shocked to see this and want to fix it so there’s no risk of more damage.

The front sprocket has 15 teeth, and the rear 48. The chain adjuster is on the tightest/minimal setting.

Any recommendations for replacement sprockets, i.e. brands/ratios? The stock ratio seems to be 14/44th, so with a larger rear sprocket, I guess someone has tuned it for more acceleration.

The bike revs out quickly yet is not prone to wheelies, unlike how I remember my last DRZ to be like (which was many years ago). Feels quite weak compared to that too.

I’ve played with sprocket sizes a bit on mine, and forgotten what I’m currently on.

Stock for the s model is 15-44, e is- 14-47.
I have 14-47 usually for trail riding, and a 44 tooth on the S rear wheel for road stuff.

I’ve had the sprocket rub on the swingarm protector, i cant remember if it rubed on the swingarm itself though. A quick google suggests its not uncommon though.

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Consider that the bearings in the swingarm might be fucked and pulled the arm closer to the sprocket.

Oh, interesting. that sounds a bit tricky to diagnose, but thanks :slight_smile:

Consider this. When the sprocket went on, it can’t have fouled the swingarm, otherwise the bike wouldn’t have moved.
Hence I suspect the sprocket fitted back then, and slowly as the bearings wore out, the chain pulled it forward and the sprocket ate into it a little at a time.

Pop the chain off the sprocket, stick a car jack under the sump (get Claire to hold the bars) and you’ll be able to wiggle the swingarm if I’m right.

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Sound reasoning. Thanks Mian.
It’s on an MX stand so should be easy enough to demonstrate.

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+1 Correct diagnosis from @me_groovy

As it is there is no way the sprocket would have fitted on to the shaft. You’ll need to remove the chain and relax the tension on the swing arm to remove the sprocket. New swing arm bearings, chain & sprockets kit for sure and possible weld up the cut on the swing arm. i’m surprised you didn’t notice a tendency to fish tail or that it passed muster on the MOT, I’m assuming it has a ticket.

edit: Check the gearbox output shaft bearing while your there too.

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its a thing ive heard of and had before, and can come from variations in sprocket manufactures.

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