Suzuki Biplane Concept

Found this on, its from some show in Tokyo aparrently:

Some guy mentioned that it looked like a Transformer had just done a sh1t on a stage. heh


That’s COOL! I’d love one :slight_smile: Very different.

Looks great :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I love it or hate it??? :unsure:

Fantastic, I want it in blue! :stuck_out_tongue:

is it gonna be fast enuff for you pavel :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone pass the bucket!


What does it handle like? :smiley:

Don’t worry mate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember those bikes that could take off and fly from battlestar galactica (original series)? Identical.

There you go. Oh crap I hope it flies!


More …

The first one is a mean looking beast!! :wink:

BIPLANE - looks like sh:t, probalby handles like sh:tYamaha Cannon - now you’re talking !!! proper MT01 , me likes :cool:

sry for the double post

the Honda EV06 looks like it has a hidden dragon in its 1.8 Lt. Flat 6 :w00t:

yamaha cannon looks really good

now thats the proper naked for ya:)

Well said Mr McSparkie!!!:sick: