Suzuki bandit repair/servicing help

Hi Guys,

Bit of advice please,

I have a Suzuki Bandit 2004, 17,000 miles on the clock.

It seems to run ok, but when idle it will cut out sometimes and I have to use the choke to get it going, even when its not that cold. Oh and I used this bike everyday, so need to keep it reliable.

So the challenge is to maintain this bike properly and to do it without paying out an arm and a leg.

However I’m not rich or mechanically minded (and first big bike).

I don’t mind getting my hands dirty but have never worked on a engine or access to a garage.

I did speak to Matt at OMC, nice chap who said I should start off doing the basic servicing there and explained the set up . I’m prepared to do this as I think I could handle that but not the more complex stuff just yet.

So first off:

  1. What things should I do to
    a) sort out the idle problem and b) to keep the bike generally maintained. Don’t mind a list if its easier!

  2. Any bandit 600 advice? is this just how they run? any problems that usually occur with them?

  3. Will the valve clearance and carb balance help? how much should this cost if done professionally?

  4. Any other advice welcome, but please don’t tell me to get a better bike! lol

Thanks for any help.

not a bad looking bike youv got there! however iv had tgree bandits and all ov them have suffered simillar problems for one reason or another.
where do you live? if you can get it to angel i can have a look for ya.

Hi T/Hornet, When was the last service? what plugs has it got in it(if you know that is)? Has it had an air filter recently? I think you need to start with the basic stuff as they are known to be bullet proof for a reason, as long as the servicing is done they normally plod on without too much trouble. If the servicing has been kept up then you could have picked up some dirty petrol and have a partial blocked pilot jet but I think it sounds more like air filter (but I’m no major bike maniac/fitter), one thing a lot of people seem to miss is the air box bung, this is a little pipe on the right just near the collector box (pull out the bung but have a bit of rag near it as it’s going to end up over your hands or tyre), if this hasn’t been drained it could compromise the filter by being sucked in. I hope this helps out a bit and if you get out Essex way pm me and if I can help in any way I’ll give it a go if I can.

All the best, John

Thanks guys for the help guys, will PM you.

Is your idle screw turned up enough ?