Suzuki Bandit 600 - 33bhp Restricted

Has anyone ever ridden a Suzuki Bandit 600 restricted to 33bhp ?

I’m planning to do my test in the next few months (can’t really afford a DAS unfortunately) and am already planning what to get once I pass. I quite like the look of a Bandit and it seems you can pick them up for a fairly reasonable price, but was wondering what the performance would be like on a restricted version ?
Would the power be sufficient to power the bike properly ?
Any other comments / thoughts / advice ?

Cheers !

used to ride a 6 and a 12 mate. the money you will use to get it restricted you might aswell put it into the DAS. dont fart arse about difference in price.

Yes, Banditman is right. Restriction kit will cost you about Ł250. If you want to know about how it will be after restriction? It will accelerate up to 92m/h. Also acceleration response will be slower than normal but in real life you won’t notice till you start to ride with more powerful mates

Good luck with your test mate.

Resticting a bike’s hp usually restricts it’s top end power only, not it’s low down torque. For that reason a Suzuki SV is an ideal bike to restrict. It is un affected up to 5K revs and should see 108 mph on the clocks.

You can buy my 2nd hand restrictor for £45 so it’s not expensive to retrict, but if you find yourself frustrated with 33hp & decide to do the full test within 2 years, then you’ve just wasted your money!

33hp does sound a lot compared to 12hp of a retricted 125, but the only people I know on retricted licences are forced to because of their age and can’t wait to derestrict.

Unfortunately there’s no way I can afford DAS - even 3 days is the best part of 500 quid, then more if I don’t pass 1st time - whereas on my 125 it will cost me 60 quid for a test.
I have resigned myself the the fact I will be frustrated for 2 years, but there’s no way I can afford it otherwise !
(cost constraints are partly why I have my eye on a Bandit - nice looking, fair bit of grunt, and fairly cheap to buy 2nd hand).
A lot of use of the bike will be for commuting in London so as long as the low torque is OK shouldn’t be a problem…

Don’t worry too much about less power. Bandit is a great bike to ride. You’ll enjoy a ride on it even restricted because it’s much stronger than 125cc bike anyway.

OK, if you can do a restricted test without lessons based on your experience and your’e certain you’ll stay on it for 2 yrs, then go ahead makes sense. Hope you get a chance to check out SV’s as well, should be similar price & ins. equally as cheap.

Please at least do a Bikesafe course once you pass. £30 for a day’s training can’t say fairer than that and will make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

I have a lovely CB400 Superfour which i have restricted, come on the learner legal ride out sunday and see what it does for a 400 cc, if you dont wanna fly straight away on a plastic rocket and you get a bandit or similar at least after two years you get the restrictor taken out and you have a full powered 600 again …