Suzuki Bandit 2007 S ABS


I guess at that size it’s the 1250cc?

Sorry my mistake…

Its the 650cc the 650 and 1250 are the same size!

can it fit in the special bus ?

With you on it?

No problem

Taking up room now not been used for about 3months.

Will P/X with a sportsbike cash eithier way.

Or sell £2600 Bargain…The pipe and top box are £500

I guess a sports bike would suit the baby better.:smiley:

buy bigger topbox …

ps does it come with tread on the rear tyre ?

Michelin Power One 2ct’s new a hardcore tyre not for girls mate u ight not have heard of them. Get em free. Brother is sponsered by MichelinNow Jog on

May see you around


thought you looked familiar …:stuck_out_tongue: