Suzuki Bandit 1200

wont bother trying to sell here again mods please delete this thread

I would consider that to be a little overpriced, but good luck with the sale anyhow, should sell up on eBay no trouble

i’d say £950 to £1200 tops private sale …a dealer might try their luck putting it up for £1700 but it’ll gather dust for a while :doze: i think used bike prices are going a bit stupid in recent years :sick:

hence the “or nearest offer”
i mean who actually pays the full asking price :pinch: but thanks for all the help :wink:

I have listed several bikes on here and knocked abut off for LBers then ended uP selling for more in the end but then again I don’t like t charge to much

price dropped to £1300

Rat bike!


^^ Better than the Nigerian imports your getting offered :wink:

wasted my time posting it here, mods delete this thread please

unfortunate sign of the times m8, lol