suzuki b king

came out this morninig and my baby has gone,fking spitting blood at moment ,not fking happy,like to have a one one with the thieving bstds who stole me bike.

suzuki bking pazzos, black rearsets,

black reg number is lvo9ovl

yoshi ss pipes flat bars, if any body sees it can thay contack me on

o7722836361 ,would be much appreciated thanks all


hear is a resent picture of me bking…:crazy:

****! Will def keep an eye out, to give people something to look for (what I recognise yours by) there’s a st georges flag on the plate.

Hope they find it, and the blinkers that stole it :@

fk sake theiving cts !!!

sorry to hear about ya bike Tug even though ya rode it like n old woman it wasn’t a bad bike :slight_smile:

far too many getting taken again thats 2 I know of this week

Sad news dude, not surprised that you’re spitting blood. Would love to tie them to the back of a b-king and drag them through the streets. Hope it turns up safe and sound

F-ing åssholes!
What area was it stolen from?

Sorry to hear this Bren, hope it gets found soon.

Bad news, and sorry to hear. Hope your bike’s found safe pronto, and the scum caught

thanks all, was liffted from the watford area .

Absolutely gutted for you Tug, thieving scum.

If you need anything just give us a call.

Mate , just read this ! Will go and have a look around!

Gutted for you.

FFS! Gutted for you tug:angry:

Tug man JC just text me… gutted for you really am…

Chin up mate

Sorry to hear this, will keep me eyes peeled, hope you get to have a quiet word with the little scumbags

Argh very sorry to hear this Tugs. I hope it turns up, and those that stole it.

:frowning: Hope it turns up.x

Shocked mate, totally shocked:w00t::w00t::angry:

sorry to hear it Tugs. It’s a very distinctive bike and easily recognisable. Lets just hope it’s found before some yob writes it off when they wack that throttle.


I’ll spread the word

Sorry to hear about your bike Brendan. Babs just told me! Me and Charlotte will keep an eye out for it.