Suzuka 8 Hour

I might be slightly strange in this, but I like motorcycle endurance racing and this weekend is the Suzuka 8 Hour.

What I would like to know is if this is on TV anywhere? I can’t see it in the TV listings here on LB. If not TV, even an Internet feed would probably be OK. I’ve no intention of watching the whole 8 hours - although with the necessary amount of cold beers in the fridge this isn’t a bad plan - so even a highlights package would suit me fine.

Any ideas?

Don’t know, hope so tho 'cause my mate Paul (not so) Young is racing in it but not on his 675 (dammit)

WOuld love to watch.

Looks fab Phill. I havent’ watched all of the video yet but will give it a scan tomorrow. I really like Endurance racing, but don’t get to watch much! Good luck to the Brits out there this year! Hopefully Suzuki will rock the Suzuka. They’re doing wonderfully in the International Endurance series (whatever it’s called, forgotten, sorry).

News & pics starting to come in:

keep an eye out on the Moriwaki team, qualified in 11h with young Leon Camier as one half of the team … spoke to him last week and testing went really well a few weeks ago …

If things work out, I may well go to the Suzuka 8 hour next year.

It will be a local (ish) race!

If you do, you need to be our roaming photo-journalist DP!

You’ll soon get tired of shots of my hand etc!