Was woken at 04:00 last night by odd clonking noises - looked out of the window to see 2 guys on scooters, one of whom was stashing bolt cutters under his seat. They quickly rode off. My bike appears untouched thankfully but they may well try again with better equipment. SW London. Thanks to all on this site for the advice regarding chains and things.

Move the bike, they’ll be back.

I hate to say this, but they will keep coming back until either they realise they can’t get it or they do in fact take it. You now need to beef up security or as Jay says move it till they get bored of coming back

Almax chains cannot be cut with bolt croppers.  The teeth of the croppers with be destroyed:

Right, but presumably what he’s already got is bolt-cropper proof. If they do come back one imagines it would be with power tools?

If his motorcycle is parked in view of his window, that’s great, especially if he had an air rifle.

That would be illegal Aceman :) How have you not been locked up already?!

The bike is chained to a ground anchor and always covered - not sure where I could move it to that would be safer. I’ll be adding more security. Their bolt cutters were a bit pathetic - but I certainly wouldn’t want to confront anyone wielding them. Thanks guys.

If they saw what security you have they will be back with the tools they need to take it, do you know anyone with a Garage you can stick it in for a couple of weeks?? have you informed the Police? if not then i would do so as they can be vigilant around that area of an evening.

my advice would echo the above… the chances are they will be back. The question is, when… could you fit another very loud alarm that may throw them off and warn you? 

Any chance of leaving it securely at work?

Have you any alarmed disk locks? Xena are pretty loud. Attach one to the cover for an early warning.

Doesn’t that run risk of going off if wind blows the cover around?

Thank you Marmablade! Just called the local Police - he took details and said it all helps. Chap said it sounds like the usual suspects from Hammersmith - they’re well known and the Police are doing all they can. Their main target is scooters - apparently they nick the batteries.

And then he offered me a free Tracker - apparently they have 500 to give away free! Couldn’t believe my luck and if Marmablade hadn’t suggested I make the call I’d never have known. I’ll make another post re this free tracker scheme. Thanks again.

Cool, glad i could help :slight_smile:

@Jay - Oops, did I say air rifle?  What I meant was Nerf Gun.  My best friend (oh that does make me sound like a child) is a competitive air rifle shooter, so I propbaly had that on my mind when I was typing, hence the rather large typo.  Mind you, some of his air rifles and scopes look like something out of a sci fi film and would scare the daylights out of a thief.  So yes, I would only recommend shooting a motorcycle thief with a Nerf Gun.  It would be illegal and incorrect to hurt a motorcycle thief, right?

I’ve twice caught burglars, and restrained them correctly, and handed them over to the fuzz.  I only used appropriate force, and did not get into trouble.  This is because I am a law abiding citizen and nice guy.

What station did you report it too? i may pop round my local station and see if they have any free trackers i could borrow :slight_smile:

  1. What part of the bike do you chain? Wheel or chassis? Needs to be the latter, otherwise you’ll be lowering the level of security by permitting (to a degree) wheel removal)

2) As above, go with Almax or Pragmasis. PLUS good padlock (which can be bought with chain). Not cheap (Prag and Squire padlock 16mm = £200)

3) As above, get a Xena disc lock with alarm. Dependant upon the angle they’re left, the sensitivity can be increased or decreased. I link my cover to the lock. Wind will not affect unless gale force… but tampering with cover will.

  1. Make sure you’ve locked off your front at the ignition.

  2. Get a tracker … see presently running discussion

  3. Sell your bike and get the bus !!!