suspicious R6

ok everyones a bit paranoid now i know with so much bikes getting nicked, but wot do u do if u see one suspicious?

thing is, where i live has underground parking.

Some people moved in a few weeks ago, and theres been quite a few different cars parked down there by them.

Tonight i come home, and all of a sudden theres a red w reg R 6 sitting right against the wall…

not to incriminate anyone if its perfectly legite, but what do you do?

i got the number plate number…

Report it to your local Police (Not 999). You can do it annon. There’s not much else you can do but I wouldn’t take a close look at the bike or act in anyway that could get you noticed by them.

Report it to the Police (not 999, local cop-shop) and see what they say. Better to be proven wrong now, than right later on when there’s nothing you can do about it.

Here you reading my mind…

praps you should fingerprint it steve or start knocking on doors, you start in east london ill knock on the doors from west london in, we can meet in the middle, but before we start give his number plate back

Exactly as Jay and Macp said !

give him his no plate back

ffs best post yet i think lmfao

ha ha! i agree with Flatout, i could take the lead for the West london team, mind you im hardly inspector gadget, i think i might need some go go legs and arms for fazer! x

seriously report it to your local bobbies, better to be safe than sorry.