Suspension Tweakers South Of The River

I wanna get my suspension tweaked on my gsxr - anyone recommend anyone south of the river at all? I live near Dartford.


Haven’t tried em yet but they are on my radar for a shock rebuild/replacement and possible suspension set up - Steve Jordans in Surrey it would mean a trip anti-clockwise round the m25 to Surrey jct. 9 if you are in Dartford.Suspension set-up and lazer wheel alignment to your own weight and type of riding - £57.50 including Vat - this includes a watch and learn element so you can learn to understand how your motorcycles suspension works (Please confirm you would like to make use of the watch and learn element when you book as this wont automatically be added).

Our very own B of BN Race Sciences is in twickenham and is a bit good at set-ups:cool:

I know its not quite geographically where you want but its worth the ride:D

Couldn’t agree more, just don’t go for a tester ride with him afterward inappropriately dressed :w00t:

had mine set up by 100% suspension at brandshatch but that was on a focused events trackday they will be there at the end of march cost 45 quid and totally transformed my bike:) he explained all about what he was doing and why. dont know anywhere local to dartford . not sure if bbs bikes in southfleet nr bluewater does it he races bikes as well so maybe he knows what he’s doing


We are planning an LB Dyno and Suspension Set-up day in the spring.

Keep an eye out for details:cool:

HM Racing,
81, High Street,
Green Street Green
Orpington BR6 6BJ

**Speak to Perry on 01689 59211 **

(Recommended to me by Whitepower)

Warning. He is much in demand with the local racers and likely lads so there is sometimes a bit of a wait for a booking.