Suspension set up.

I am interested in having the suspension on my Tuono set up a bit better. Whether this will involve new fork oil & springs, new rear shock etc. I’m not sure but I’m on a budget.

I had MCT suspension in Suffolk recommended to me but they are quite far away so wondered if there was anywhere in or nearer to London that people could recommend.



Mike of MD racing in Leatherhead.
He is on the forum but best to just call him
Mention LB because I think he was doing an offer on suspension for LB members
07783 024 248

Steve Jordan in Bookham - nr boxhill. Did mine (fork oil refresh and re-set, replacement shock) and great service.

Just spoke to Mike and he is doing a promo.

  • 50% discount for LB members so £25 + vat

He did my suspension earlier this year and it was the best money I have ever spent on the bike. I regret not doing it sooner. The bike had been adjusted as much as possible but actually I just needed a lighter spring for my weight and even with that new springs it cost way less than I expected.
It handles so much better that I now quite like roundabouts (after years of worrying on rideouts if we were going right round) and it now turns so easily that I dont have to force it like before.

ps Mike and Clint are Ohlins technicians and Mike worked at the Silverstone round with one of the Moto2 teams doing all the front end stuff. So £25 + vat is bargain in my opinion

Mike 07783 024 248

Seeing as he is around the corner from where I live might just give him a call and try and head over there this weekend if I can get away from work… Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

I took the bike in to MD Racing on Saturday and am very happy with the result. I have put up a post in the Praise or Shame section. At £25 + VAT it was money well spent.

I was told recently that - as long as your suspension isn’t knackered - the best thing you can do for your suspension is learn throttle control…

I think if learning to ride the bike obviously helps but its a **** load easier to do that with a bike that does what it should.