Suspension set up: BN Race Science

Need to get my suspension set up, not confident with the handling on the 990 which is both on the hard side as well as not turning in as well as I’d like. I’m no riding god, but know it’s not set up for me.

Looking at popping down to Brian, any advice that I should consider?? Anyone else fancy coming along and getting theirs done?

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Where when who how what?

Fair… edited the subject.

I’ve had my bike sorted by Brian and it’s well worth the money.
Just make sure it’s got a full tank of fuel so he can go get fish and chips :joy:
Seriously, he’s a top bloke


I don’t know anyone who’s been to see Brian and NOT come away saying it’s worth every penny.

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My advice is: trust whatever B recommends for your bike :laughing:

Full or empty bladder?

There isn’t much to consider. He takes some measurements then optimises the settings then you have a go and see if it suits you. Then he can refine the adjustments if requried.

In my opinion it is the only performance upgrade that actually makes you faster.

I couldn’t believe the difference on my bike which is a 600RR. I told another member who has a 600RR to get it done and he had the same results. On his next track day he was outbreaking people everywhere.

If you have adjustable suspension and you don’t get it setup you are missing out on the potential of your bike.


Booked in for the end of the month!! Will do a review after to share my experience.


Worth every penny

I’ve used Brian’s service for my last two toys, 2009 & 2016 ZX-10Rs. I certainly recommend him.

Morning of the 24th if anyone fancies popping along, give Brian and shout and see if he can fit someone else in.

@cooltempo Think I will try and grab that spot or earlier if he has the availability. How did you get in contact with, was it just the number on the site in this thread ?

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Just email Brian, hope to see you there.

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Brian managed to squeeze me in yesterday to get the suspension set up. I must say first time meeting him and really nice guy. He took the time to break it down to basics for me so it was easy to understand what was being done. As I suspected the DDC on my bike does have a big part to play verses conventional suspension but he was still able to dial a few bits in.

I think when I get the bike out on twisties and back to track that will be the true test, but it did feel a bit easier to steer. He also suggested lowering my tyre pressure just a bit, and that made a difference. I always run at the manufactures 36, 42 so after a ride in yesterdays heat the rear was at 45 :hot_face: which was way to hard. 35, 38 ish felt really good.

Most importantly was the look on my face when someone else is riding my bike away, think that is the first that anyone but me has ridden my bike :rofl:,

Thanks @B for your help, really appreciated it.


Glad you enjoyed the experience and hopefully found an improvement in the handling.

I didn’t appreciate that your bike had Dyanmic Damping Control. Are you able to turn this off and have it fixed at a custom setting for trackdays? Nobody uses dynamic suspension at the sharp-end, you need predictability.

Don’t go to wheelie school, that’s even worse watching the guy going down the runway on your bike lofting the front :joy:

Well think I’ve just got a new bike! Fantastic value for money @B

Really enjoyed the couple of hours with Brian, he really makes sure you understand what he’s doing and leaves you more knowledgeable than when you arrived.

I had a print out of the custom set up that the previous owner had done with a well known specialist, from the initial measurements little had changed. Brian’s immediate assessment was it had been set up like a sports bike, not what you need with the 990 SDR. My feedback had been that it had a harsh ride, wasn’t turning in easily and overall I was lacking confidence in it. In technical terms the arse was in the air, overly damped rear and very sharp front end.

After Brian worked his magic, he explained what had been done and the changes in measurements/settings. I then took it for a quick spin and it is like night and day. Way more compliant ride, balls not getting hammered by the seat/tank, turn in is very smooth and now feels much more agile. This was even more obvious on the way home on some faster roads, so much more confidence in the bike now.

What next… fuelling needs looking at as its a well know problem on the 990, it’s been modded/Power commander fitted but needs some fettling. Brian noticed the head bearings need looking at, not obvious to me so may wait to do that. Oh and some miles on decent twisties!!