Suspension Servicing, when?

I’m thinking about tinkering with my suspension as I’ve never touched it before but I wondered whether it could do with a service from someone before hand (Does B do a service too?).

I’ve never had it serviced (at least I’m not aware of it), the bikes a 2004 CBR and has around 42k on the clock. Is it worth my while getting it serviced first? How often should you have it serviced too?

yes, the fork oil should be changed ideally every two years. You’d be amazed at the junk in the fork oil - the springs in my ohlins were polished by the movement through the oil after two years.

Probably the linkages will need some love too.

cool, does B do servicing as well, might as well get him to do the lot if he does?

We were there the other week and got the impression that if he does not do it the guy in the workshop he uses does. Send him a PM to see.

i dont think B does servicing… he will prob get Les to do the work and B will then set it up

I recently did the same tho… i changed the rear shock myself and got Adz to change the fork oil and springs…

soo much better!