Suspension Guys?

Can anyone recommend a suspension guy who isn’t going to cost the earth?


PM ‘B’ on this forum. He’s the one to do the job for you :slight_smile:

Thanks, I have done :smiley:


B will sort you out. How’s the training???


Going well thanks buddy. Did a 40 miler a couple of weeks ago and have got a 52 mile ultra next weekend :smiley:

How about you?

Well doing John O’Groats to Lands End on 21st June - 850 miles on the day as a training run…That’s on the bike of course…


On the bike… that’s too easy. Run it! :smiley:

Yeah right…

I think that’s more your thing my friend!!! :slight_smile:

A fourth or fifth for B, he’s the voice of reason, and experience.

Oh, and HELLO Mo!!!

Wonder what he could do with a scoot?

4 Yard or 8 Yard D’ya think?;):D:D …(skip that is):D:D:D

Petrol and a match come to mind :smiley: only kiddingAs said by others B’s the man for you.