Suspension BBQ Sunday 21st August.

might be intrested in this :slight_smile:

Hi Jimbo, I’ve done a few GSR’s, they’re limited on adjustment but improvements can still be made for sure!

I hope PJ has got enough burgers;):smiley:

You did my old grey and red one B

Nah, was not me;):smiley:

Thanks for fixing my computer afterwards though:)

As i see it from this thread there are a few interested in this.

If you are not interested in the suspension set up then maybe just pop along for the ride and the BBQ.

I will be sending those interested the postcode and details.

:frowning: gutted, would of love for B to go over my gix. But having a smashed up finger sort of leaves me stuck for riding… have a good one all

Could very well be up for this.

Would a Triumph Bonneville be ok? (2005, not vintage, alas)

Am only 50:50 for this - due to my bike still being in the garage awaiting fixing.

Have just been to see them and they are telling me the part should now be delivered on Saturday - so if it turns up, and if they they can fit it on Saturday - will be there.

(If this means someone else misses out - then let me know, as that would be out of order)

No problemo Stacey, pop down to the workshop when you’re better and I’ll look after the Gixxer for you.

Be good too see you there BL, if not then the same offer still stands and you’re welcome to visit the workshop in Twickenham for the set up.

The same applies for anyone else I don’t see on the day if there is a good turnout. Not keen on rushing things.

Hi Tiger, there is very little to adjust on the Bonnie but it’s worth coming along to have your bike checked over for other faults that may effect the handling.

Not to mention the food and rideout!:wink:

PJ. May bring the Nera down if the Weather is good. hope to see you Wednesday or Sunday

What Time Is Good ???

From midday onwards:)

good to seem some of you guys, even if i did turn up in the car!

i must admit i was impressed at the difference it seemed to make to everyones bikes, the before and after faces said it all!

Yes they were easily pleased Steve, between you and me, I only rode to the garage to pump the tyres up:ermm::laugh:

its amazing the difference 20psi can make to your handling :w00t:

You were gone so long on my bike I was beginning to worry lol PJ and Rich were laughing at my anxious face in the living room looking at my watch.

Worth the wait though. Looking forward to taking it out on track and not having to fight it around every corner.

Ricky did have to pump his tyres up, they were 20 psi out as he hadn’t changed them back after his trackday at Rockingham in July :Wow:

And the reason he was so long on your bike Kaos was because it was so bad he had to take his tools with him to fix it at the side of the road :Whistling:

:smiley: Yours was really handling badly when I first rode it, It took so much effort to steer and it was unstable to say the least. But I like a challenge and it was well worth the effort in the end.

Well I had no choice really. Facing The Kaos cross examination in the court could be a lot worse…:stuck_out_tongue: