Suspension BBQ Sunday 21st August.

I have spoken with B, he of suspension guru, and have agreed to organise a Suspension BBQ at my place.

The idea will be that you let us know if you are interested in B working his magic on your bike while enjoying a BBQ. We have some lovely roads not too far from mine so a test ride before and after will be possible.

All you have to do is confirm you are coming, I will supply the food and drink and B will deal with the suspension. The only cost to you will obviously be the fee to B for the work carried out.

So who is interested?

Yep, I’m in.

Might be worth explaining who Brian is, for those who don’t know.

Can’t wait for the BBQ too, and a rip through the Pirbright bends.

Might also be worth giving a rough idea on how much we can expect to shell out on Brian’s time.

Oh, and roughly where about’s all of this will take place, and how easy it is to get too??

Can I just come for the BBQ and the roads :slight_smile:

To clarify a few points: The suspension set up will involve me checking the bike over ie; tyre pressures/ condition, a very commonly overlooked area that greatly affects handling.

Suspension linkages, worn etc, sticky forks, leaking seals, worn head race bearings and wheel bearings.

Then all the settings (comp, rebound and sag) are noted.

Then the test ride to identify and get a feel for the bikes ‘behaviour’ to identify any issues. ( the test ride will only take 5 mins)

With the information from the measurements and test ride I’ll now have a good idea what the bike needs and will dial it in ( To suit the individuals needs/ use). Then another test ride to check modifications and fine tune if necessary.

The proof of the pudding is in the riding and the ultimate test is the report back from the owner.

The cost for this is normally £60 but for this occasion I was thinking of £40 which includes £10 for the LB Charity London Air Ambulance.

Alternatively If you want advice on set up or a quick check over/minor adjustment, then this is free, or you can donate to the LAA if you insist.

Also I may sound biased but I’ve yet to see a bike that has not needed tweaking.

JC, Hi mate, I’m sure I set your bike up a while back, so I’ll be happy to check it’s not gone out of sync.

Rich, there’s a bit of info about me on my website below.

Nice to see there’s interest in the event:)

Thanks Brian.

Rich the venue will be Windlesham in Surrey, just off Jct 3 of the M3.

would have been 100% up for getting mine sorted, but you’ve picked a weekend a lot of us are in lake district :pinch: would have happily scoffed your free food too!!

Is this just a way for B to have a go on my bike?:Whistling:

:smiley: Come on, I’d have to pay you for the privilege of riding the Riot…Promise not to scratch it though ;):smiley:


On the subject of my bike. I have a s/steel 320mm front f/disc. Am i correct in thinking (in principal) a cast iron disc gives better performance. The current disc and pad material seem mismatched?:satisfied:

As I understand it you’ll need to run the correct pad material to run with cast iron discs. The ones that work with steel ones are not compatible with cast iron ones and may run too hot.

Thank you! I ask cause I keep changing pads and they all feel the same when they get hot and go all horrid (pad on disc, not spongy brake fluid). TBH, when they’re cold they’re sh1t too!:blush: Is there anything on that bike that works well?:smiley:

I’d change the brake fluid for sure, it will likely have air in it as it’s boiled but put the correct pads in first.


Thanks PJ, but I know where my own house is, at least now, everyone else knows where it is too :o)

I’m guessing if we don’t get much interest on this due to the time scales, we could push it out a little?

@ Brian, thanks for expanding on the offering.

Come on people, this is a bargain, and PJ will be cooking!!

The roads around here are awesome too!

Where is this PJ?

Just read where.

Put me down for a slot.

Welcome aboard BL:)

What bike do ride?

CBF 1000.

Cool, there may be no adjustment on the front (from memory) but there will be a few tricks we can work on the rear shock at least.