Suspected stolen bike: SYM VS125 - GN08 UNK

Hi all,

A suspected stolen bike is parked outside my place… and wanted to see if anyone is missing their bike or heard of anything.

It is a Sym scooter, VS125 model

Number plate: GN08 UNK


what makes you think its stolen?

It was dumped in our residential parking along with a stolen car.

The car has been towed away but the bike has been moved on to the pavement outside our apartment.

It has already 4 parking tickets put on it… and nobody seems to bother.

Have you reported to the police?
You could always HPI check it.

I think it has been reported to the council… haven’t really looked into it.

Just met a neighbor who told me it might be stolen and thought I should mention it here in case someone is looking for it.

maybe cos no one with any sense would buy 1, :smiley:


I’d have one. Faster than a Harley :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe, I wouldn’t know though.

Scooter has been towed away by council this morning!

It seems the scooter is still on the pavement :slight_smile: