Hi dudes, after my spill on Sun 10 Aug I thought I’d better post to let those who were there know I’m okay. After getting home I done a shift at A&E to discover my hand is broken, ribs are okay, probably due to the thick layer of lard insulating my body, so that’s a bonus. Didn’t get home proper until gone 9pm, then my mobile started playing up, musta been the impact, still can’t get the b***r to work properly. Anyway, I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank John M, David H and Kelvin L for staying back and sorting me out. Thoroughly decent chaps. Thanks dudes much appreciated. Apologies for spoiling the remainder of the day. Also, hope the other John is okay too.

The missus still made me take her and the kids up to Drayton Manor so I could watch them all have fun on the rides, I was relegated to the little kids merry-go-round type rides. There’s sypmathy for you! Top tips, if you’re gonna visit Drayton Manor don’t stay over in Tamworth, it’s s**t :wink:


Glad to see your ribs wern’t ‘dun in’ then, but sorry about the hand - with that broken hand out of action your favourite two pastimes will have to wait a while now… any idea how long before you’re wan… riding again?

Have you heard anymore from the to ssers in the combine harvester yet? or the police? Oh and whats the damage to your bike looking like? Like John said, if you need any help I’d be glad to help especially as I’ve some time off at the mo (though don’t know my spanner from wrench mind).

Thanks again for sacrificing your bike and hand in order not to damage my bike and/or hands… really appreciated :wink:

Chin up,
Dave H

No probs Dave, yes no more knitting or accordian playing for a few weeks now :w00t: lol. I’m a bloody left hander as well, typical! Nah, nothing back from the rozzers regarding the combine harvester as yet but my mobile is completely twatted now, it worked up until I went to A&E then just gave up but I did also give them my landline number. Damage to the bike is as suspected, rear subframe snapped, front bracket snapped and scuffed plastic. I now have an excuse to get some carbon fibre for it. I won’t be attempting anything until my hand is healed up though. I have an appointment on Friday with the bone specialist so will know how long it will take (hopefully):wink: Already been searching for parts and seen subframes going for around the 100 quid mark.



Glad to hear that you ok, but your hand’s gotta by pinned. Keep it moving as much as possible and get physio booked in ASAP.

Mate you are now a bona fide member of the BCR. Your sticker will be in the post!:hehe:

John D is ok but was aching the next day, no doubt as you were. Nothing boken but a severely fractured ego and wallet!

Yeah, I know. I’m house sitting at my sister’s house in Tamworth this week:(

tamworth has got a cool snowdome though… used to go there every wednesday when i lived in loughborough. Otherwise… the pits.

Sorry to hear about the hand needing to be pinned. Maybe we should name that flyover ‘shando rise’ or something as a mark of respect - obligatory endoes on every pass :w00t:

Unlucky mate, but glad to see you are OK, hope the bike can be repaired??