surrey ride with pics lol

well aint had a big meet for yonks, was nice to see the gays again. 2 new faces heins mate and also garret on hes prestine clean bike and imacualte gear, that didnt last long;), after a few stacks he decided to go diving :eek: was funny as he was going well until he decided to change paths lol :smiley: well done though dude least you turnt up and had a go and you can tell dhofty you rode with the “hardcore” lot now;), shame you went off as it was 5 mins more laning then the rest was lovely twisty roads:D shame i was a total gaylord though and bottled out that standup round the bend wheelie it came up and feltgood but halfway round the bend my ass went :redface: shame as that woulda been a sweet long one :cool: cant wait till next time lets not leave it so long hay shlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags:D few pics 1st one panda getting hes pack lunch out and hein rubbing hes hands:eek: :eek: :eek: and garrets bike on the floor in a few of them before the lake bit too lol… you dun well mate on your first ride and to be fair it was a pretty fast pace for once…

Looks good :w00t:
Well done Garret :smiley:

Will definitely do one soon only problem is box hill 40 miles from me.

We did great ride today as well, 7 supermotos and narrow country lanes :cool:





haha good on ya garret:D

them bikes look faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar to clean drb;) shame we all so far away as we would all ride far more together for sure. doh!

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Crikey, I’d never let my bike get that dirty!:stuck_out_tongue:


Nice one Lee.
Good to finally meet you and the KTM Forum Surrey SuMo gang! A great bunch o’lads!

Thanks Mariusz, I have the same prob about the BCR - distance.

Hehe. Cheers D. What a good photo though! Captures the desperate moment! Aaaaghh!

Bring your cameras to BM tomorrow for a closer inspection :wink: