Surrey Police Stopping all bikers....

This is just a word of warning but last Saturday me and my mate were having a blast on some A and B roads round Surrey, as the dark clouds came over we stopped at a mini Roundabout near or in Camberley to discuss whether to shoot home our seperate ways or have a bite to eat to let the rain pass when this approaching Police Range Rover done a U-turn after passing us and decided to pull us over instantly…

Bewildered as to why they’re pulling us over, thought maybe someone had reported our two bikes for speeding in the surrounding area… Turns out we were being stopped coz of our number plates!! Wow these guys must have been bored!! They advised us that they’re now pulling over all bikes and slapping them with the mandatory £60 fine if they’re number plates doesn’t meet the required size regulation as there are no proper criminals in the area to arrest!! Perhaps they didn’t say that last bit but hey, they might aswell have!!

So be warned if you do have an illegal number plate and you’re in that neck of the woods, just keep that throttle pinned so they can’t pull you!! :wink:

It’s all about Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) the equipment the police use is sub standard and requires the number plate to be the correct size to be able to successfully read the plate.

As ANPR is one of their highly successful ways of catching real criminals they are eager to make us conform to the regulations.

I have had a £30 fine in the past.

Thanks for that, are you one of the plod that stopped us because he said exactly that :wink:

Just for the warning new legislation has been passed and the fine has been raised from £30 - £60 for illegal number plates!!

wouldn’t say its sub standard, its designed to read a number plate X size, with X size lettering that can be driving at X speed and within a certain direction to the camera.

Change any of those and it won’t work. I really don’t get tiny number plates myself, does it make a difference when your riding/enjoying your bike? course not. Im just gratefull if I can get mine to stay on for any length of time!! :w00t:

No you’re quite right mate on all you have stated above… Although it’s a personal choice and in my opinion they make the aesthetics of a bike more appealing than the big old 9"x12" plates the law says you should have!! The number plate has to be reflective aswell and have some EU code…

You seem to think this is something new:w00t: It’s been going on for ages.

This post is in relation to Surrey police but any force can pull you for small plates if they want to. It’s an open invitation.

i think now you can get 3 points as well as a fine for a small no. plate. i prefer smaller for looks but its not worth it any more, just asking to be stopped.

Been there done that.
Road legal exhaust and massive no. Plate for me I simply can’t be arsed with it all anymore…

My number plate is always falling off my bike the bloody thing

Think some of it depends on the Officers, I’ve been tugged by Surrey Police twice in the last couple of weeks, once I got a warning for my plate (granted its not ‘take the piss tiny’) and the other time after going past their ANPR van, the Officer just checked my bikes frame numbers, turns out theres some naughty chaps lifting bikes in the Camberley area into a transit van at the minute :frowning: no mention of the plate though.

Where did I mention this is a new thing?? Of course I know that the number plate thing is illegal as with some exhausts… Just saying that I’ve been riding through London for years now and if I’ve been pulled they usually giv me a word of warning… As with Kent and Thames Valley police!! Just giving a word of warning that Surrey Police aint f***ing about on the matter!! And if your number plate complies then there’s no need to worry :wink:

No points just a mandatory £60 fine


Registration plates, the test to be applied, if not easily legible from 20.5 metres, prosecution and inform DVLA.

Whilst accepting that this is a technical offence, there are concerns regarding the misuse of registration plates on motorcycles.

It is well recognised that there are many technological advances in automated detection and enforcement equipment, most of which rely upon remote reading of registration plates.

It is difficult for enforcement agencies to differentiate between the individual who wishes to make a fashion statement or enhance the appearance of their machine from one who is deliberately attempting to avoid detection for criminal purposes.

It is with this rationale that it has been decided not to focus on the technicalities of the size of the plate or font size to comply with current legislation, but to apply a simple test of legibility, based upon the standard eyesight test for riders and drivers."

Although you can potentially have your reg taken away and awarded a Q-plate, or so I’ve read.

Surrey Police have been tugging bikers for this for years: small plate = instant fine and a nauseating lecture on how it’s really in our best interests. Been there, gone through that, now have standard size plate.

As for ANPR, I recently saw a bit of one of those cheap tack-a-few-police-videos-together programs where they showed the ANPR instantly picking up the registrations from small plates and illegal fonts (after all, the computing should be easy as CSI addicts will surely know). Anti-speed camera tricks were also shown to be useless - even the best of them was instantly overcome by changing to a negative view (ie change black to white & vice-versa).

BTW it’s worth checking out the law on number plates as you’ll find that standard size plates are larger than they need to be (but there’s no leeway in the font or colours except for very old bikes).

I was pulled by Surrey Police this morning… And i had a standard plate on the bike.

Have been setting up radar traps with pursuit bikes in a30 bagshot area recently - was lucky not to get pulled.

Easy to criticise the police for pulling bikers for small plates/‘vibrant’ riding etc and then doing their checks.

Even easier to say ‘what are the police doing?’ when your bike gets nicked and isn’t instantly recovered.

If they gave you a warning with a bit of a moan, makes them pretty decent in my book. None of us want robots of the police, issuing tickets for every mild infraction - and that’s the alternative :slight_smile:

Glad I read that, will be keeping me eyes peeled. Saw an unmarked Fazer with blues going in same area other day.