Surrey lanes ride-out Monday 30th April, evening.

This is my third attempt to get this new topic posted, this version will be short and terse.

Surrey lanes ride-out Monday evening, April 30th, depart Ryka’s 18:30

Earlier meet can be at Sainsbury’s off the A316 depart 17:30:,171895&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

Final destination before everyone makes their own way home is the Haut Boy Ockham, before sunset (20:20):,156705&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

There will be a stop half-way in Ockley for pee/fag/half-pint.


Cant make this one, but if you meet at the Sainsburys for future Surrey Lanes rides i will be up for this i reckon

Ooo, would love to but swimming commitments prevent. Have fun, I’m sure you will…

Hi, I will be up for this

Damn, I don’t finish work early enough

Nope, me either. Wouldn’t be able to get to Rykas for 6:30 :confused:

Might well be up for this seeing as it’s on my turf… Went to the Haut Boy on Weds… It’s not quite the establishment that the erstwhile Mucky Duck was… but nice all the same… On the subject of stopping there for a fag… it’s now non smoking so those who wish to smoke will have to do so outside… just so’s ya know

Also the road leading down to it was nice and gravelly - mainly down the centre of the eachlane (if that makes sense)

I can remember the Haut Boy when it was very much a biker’s pub c1979.

Sony, Biggus, are you going straight to Ryka’s? If so I can miss out the Sainsbury’s start.

If anyone else wants to come and wants to start from Sainsbury’s that’s no problem.

“Biggus, are you going straight to Ryka’s?”

Yeah… I’ll be at Ryka’s, either on a red/white CB1300 or Pink firestorm with yellow lego wheels… Yet to be decided… might even be on a DR250 if I can blag a borrow of it

Okey-doke - I’m meeting Sony (possibly with pillion) at Sainsbury’s at 17:30, and should be at Ryka’s by 18:20.

From my POV, a great run. Met Sony and Matilda at Sainsbury’s, then on to Ryka’s where Biggus and Ginnette (sp?) joined up. Nearly lost Ginnette in a field, and Biggus wanted to ride in them anyway! Got to Ockley by 19:30, time for refreshment. Biggus and Ginnette then had deadlines to meet so departed, & Matilda then followed me back via more good roads, then a short blast up the A3 and gently thereafter through Esher to home.

Biggus, well done getting the hang of kick-starts!

Sony, you are a good follower. It’s rides like these which allow for confidence in one’s fellow travellers.

Great ride, lovely roads i enjoyed it very much and so did Matylda great scenery

Thanks Jim will keep an eye out for future rides.

Biggus and Ginnette it was nice to meet you guys.


Wanna do a daytime pootle some time, Jim? As long as I’m back for school pick-up I’m usually free.

Some fun roads on that route Jim… Starting to get the hang of this kick start malarky… Riding with any enthusiasm on the road on really squared off knobblies certainly provided some entertainment

I’m certainly glad I was on Jeanettes DR rather than my CB1300 round some of those roads (the gearbox is currently having a moan and giving jumping out of gear issues… (usually mid corner - nice…)

Nice to meet you Jim, Sony & Matylda

it was a great ride out…really made me work…

target fixation on bluebells……they were so pretty

really nice to meet you all…can we do it again…please…can we, can we,

There’ll be other ones, usually at fairly short notice. With sunset getting later and later the start time can be pushed back to allow for those who have to escape from work.

Nah keep it early… keeps the riff raff out dontcha know