Surrey Hills, early Monday 2nd Morning

For anyone fancying a quick run when the roads are quiet as most people sleep off their hangovers, I will be leaving boxhill at 8am sharp and aiming to get back before the missus moans I’m always on the bike!!!

if there is only a few of us then will probably just keep the group together but if it goes 5+ then we shall use cornerman.

Will be a quick pace, the idea of leaving early is so the roads are quiet :wink:

I’m on it, done these roads before and enjoy the pace :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley:

I’m a solid maybe!

will be good fun, plus I will have working indicators by then so you will even be able to tell which way I’m going (bloody spoilt you lot :hehe: )

Mine will still be broken though, so just hope i’m out of sight! :smiley:

Weather forecast is looking decent chaps

shame its an early one. wrong side of the river for an 8 o,clock start

8am what you s#it the bed?

quiet roads, sunny morning, less grief off the missus… all sorts of win for an early start!

BCR have been doing it for years…

less Pc plod too, forgot that one :stuck_out_tongue:

I mention the BCR and you think of the police? :smiley: Wonder why :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that’s why I’m never there

alright I’ll make it 8.10, give you time too shag your missus (twice!) and you can clean yourself up whilst she finishes the job??

errr quiet roads in the south on a may bank holiday…

you never heard of the may day run to hastings then …


The picture of the guy wheelying through the countryside is ironic to be the one chosen to represent that event considering the ‘road safety’ theme on the rest of the page…

should be plenty of bikes about thats for sure, it’s more the cars and caravans trying to avoid!

Shame I can’t make this one, I’m working (boo!). I rode a lot of that route yesterday, what a buzz :cool:

nother time Rob, tis some great roads isn’t it :cool:

I’m confirmed.

And I now have indicators :smiley: