Surrey Greenlaning January 2012

Change view to 1080p HD for best quality.

Edited to add 1080p HD version

Wicked video!

Just put it on SMJ.

If I was back, I’d show you all how it was done.

You’re not supposed to ride ‘through’ the puddles! :wink:

…nice video, when is the next run? :smiley:

Great Video :smiley: Good job!

epic =]

HD 1980p version coming as all the quality was lost…

Check youtube channel: fuzzpo06 for update. ill delete this vid ^

Just wait a bit… sometimes it takes few hours for all higher resolutions to show on YT.

But apparently it’s blocked in the U.S.A.

When you next organise one…:smiley:

Nice video Lewis. This is me in the garage the day before i was supposed to come on this ride out:

haha i see what you did wrong!

  1. You bought an Aprillia SXV

  2. You left standard indicators on (if im totally strict a true SM should’nt have indicators)

lol…I need those indicators on the front to stop the front wheel going up in the air - every little bit of weight helps :wink: