Surrendering your license

I got pulled by the police on the 9th December. I surrendered my license on the 14th December.

Should i have got it back by now?

Its supposed to take about 6 weeks but the FPN Offices (Fixed Penalty Notice Office) are moaning that they’re back logged with work so may take longer. Dave and I sent ours off in May 08 and I had to get his back so he could use it to get a passport. Dave called and gave them a sob story about how I’d booked a surprise holiday for him so they sent it back after 4 weeks. Mine didn’t come back for another month! I was told that 8 weeks was fast! :w00t:

You also need to take into account that we’ve had Christmas and New Year so they’ve probably been off for two weeks!

yeah i did think that so im giving them some slack. the problem is although im 24 im still fresh faced enough to be asked for ID in the supermarket when buying alcohol however its fine for bars and clubs?! so i need it back as soon as i can really

Aaahhhhhh…oh dear. :smiley:

Take it you ain’t got a passport then?

yeah i got one just i dont remember to take it with me to the shops.

Bless, I was in a US bar when I was 19 and the lady there had a big badge, under 30 we need ID… she didnt ask me :w00t: bitch :smiley:

You could always get a citizen card as a short term solution £12 quid mind…