Suppose I'd better re-introduce myself!!

Had a little break from biking so I could save to buy my own place, I’m back on two wheels now as of last week and loving it :smiley:

Hello to all of you that I already know and hello to all those who are new since I was last active on here.

Got myself a lovely GSXR 600 :smiley:

Welcome back. I’ll see you around :slight_smile:

Welcome Back… :slight_smile:

We need to change the name of LondonBikers to GSXRBikers, I think! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

least you bought a proper bike!!

Hope you enjoy it :smiley:



Welcome back :wink:

never enough Gixxers in the world in my opinion - yours looks mint too :smiley:

Hi, lovely looking bike- hope you enjoy it!

Hiya Dawn:kiss: Look forward to seeing you again soon:)

Hellooo :slight_smile:

welcome back you old batch xxx

Welcome back Dawn, seems like you never went away:D I remember you were one of the first faces I met at my Newbie night in early 2008 - so you’re not exactly new innit?:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice bike also - glad you are back on two wheels.

haha I know I not really new but there’s a lot of new people on here that I don’t know and probably won’t have a clue who I am :slight_smile:

Hello again :slight_smile:

Sorry who are you??? :stuck_out_tongue:
Good to see your back on two wheels luvvie…welcome home;)


Hiya darlin,
just recently crawled back out of the woodwork myself and hopin to remake old aquaintences again…nice to see old ? faces re-emerging .
i really need to get back up the ace this summer and hope to see you around.

Where is the fookin cake !!!

hello you sexy beast :wink: lol