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Facts -

The cameras in the Area are not working.

They removed my posters appealing for witnesses - Refused to let me put up posters offering a reward for information. Saying I had to speak to HQ, who I have left messages for.

They Removed poster from MY second bike asking for the bike NOT TO BE TOUCHED as it was moved during a crime scene and was going to be fingerprinted.

THEY THEN MOVED THE BIKE!!! This has meant the Police can no longer fingerprint the bike! - you tampered with Evidence!!!

They have CCTV of the van entering but refuse to give me any details to pass onto the police. And the police are busy and so take 2-5 days to collect it. (this is understandable to a point - but it would have been good to be more helpful)

You have a night watchman/woman who has not come forward from that evening?

Smells of an inside Job, I bet these organised criminals drop the night watchman/woman a few quid to turn an eye

Taken from Qparks terms and conditions.

I reckon they owe you a new bike, if you can prove their negligence.



Customers are asked to remember that a public car park is open to everyone. The staff have instructions to remove persons misbehaving themselves however, we cannot guarantee the security of you, your vehicle or its contents. Accordingly, we, our servants and agents will accept liability in respect of any loss or theft or damage to your vehicle and/or liability for death or personal injury only where the same is proved and to the extent that is proved to be caused by our negligence, wilful act or default or breach of statutory duty or that of our servants and agents.

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I must say I had the same “results” when someone tried to nick my previous bike. Fookers tried to take it from the back of the building I live in, from an area that is covered by 2 CCTV cameras out of which the one looking AT the bikes wasn’t working for a while at that point. After the incident the building management company refused to give me any footage, not even watch it on their monitors! They said they would only hand it over to the police (which they never did) and they never replied to any of my subsequent emails. I guess paying them £250 each month isn’t enough to be treated like a human. Glad I’m renting.

So don’t be surprised if you’re treated like a POS. Don’t give up though and shout about it. I’d write to MCN and some biking magazines, see what they have to say. MCN’s Q&A email is [email protected] and their legal advisor columnist is [email protected].