Support LB this summer!

Guys the summer is here indeed! Now it’s time for you to show us your support. Let’s wear the LB T-shirt and stickers.

As you all know and if not I will repeat, LB T-shirts are priced at £15,00 and from that we plan to donate £5,00 to LAA, after we pay the costs of manufacture and handling. (which we haven’t yet).

If you prefer to contribute to LAA in other ways or ou have already done, then you can get your T-shirt for £10,00 each. Just email me on [email protected] and I will sort you out.

You can pay it by cheque, Paypal or cash at our Cubanas meeting, just contact us to order your size.

Your support is much appreciated!

I had mine on all weekend (two of them, ahem)!

can you take the largest size you’ve got to cubana on wednesday and i’ll part with my hard earned cash!

Wore my Londonbikers T-shirt whilst doing the gardening! Not allowed to actually ride the bike on the weekend as I have to much to do apparently!!

P.S. Cezar, will give you the £ for my stickers this Wed, Cheers.

I wore two at the weekend as well, I couldn’t wear them all the time as they were just too minging after a few hours where I was, perhaps i should have more…

Would love to wear one mate - but you don’t make them BIG enough!


I wore my T shirt this weekend am still waiting on my new sticker set.

Cezar, can you get me one please and I’ll give Chuff the money as I’m away for the next couple of weeks. Size 10 please and a tight-fit girlie one, if possible!! thanks, Justine

Likewise … give us a shout if you start doing a XXL size … that’ll be for my chest ladies … my belly is slightly smaller !!

I need at least xxxl depending on the shirt… my belly is larger than my chest ladies… !

I might need another X or 2!!! Ashamed to say…

But where would one rest one’s beer then?

Come on now, you are just all fat b’s !!!with the exception of my friend Weaver who is beautifully cuddly (gotta say that or she’ll bust my ass)…oops sorry me dears…for that read “cuddly”…with a little fat b’s on the side? I’m joking, im joking !!!

blimey, i can wear mine, and still fit fatty arbuckle in it!, no seriously ive got to get a smaller size.

Again might part with the cash if you did them big enough, double (on large t’s) or triple xl for me. Not really a slender build you see.

lol! I will be at the cubanas with some T-shirts but the XL is the biggest… lol

Can you bring me one down in Large please…apparently I’m skinny

Well if bigger T-shirts aren’t got then I guess I can’t show my support !

hahahah! Sorry guys! Next time we order a new batch of them I will get some

I want a T-shirt - Small 10/12 size plz!

Don’t think we can make tomorrow night but def be down next week.


Luv Christine x