Any Supermoto riders on here still?

Its all gone quiet in here!!

I want to arrange a supermoto meet

What do you ride? we usually do sundays in Herts or in Essex.

Well at the moment I have a DRZ and a WR. Although the WR is more for the dirt

I got a drz to relive my youth. The price of them now is mental!!

Going to mod it up stick a 440 big bore on it and FCR carb you know the usual hooligan stuff!!

I’m down in Sussex on a 625SMC

Although that may be sold in the near future :frowning:

Why you thinking of selling it for?

Best send PM to Mr.Tattoo, he is on your side of the river and does crazy sm rides with few other motoheads :wink:

other bike written of… moving to become a 1 car/ 1 bike home. So the 1 bike has to be a bit more sensible.

If I ever got a ‘fun’ bike again, it would be a pure offroader to do a bit of better greenlaneing and maybe some MXing…

Thinking of selling my 500;

Keep it :slight_smile:

^^^ wot he said :cool:

How you doing Allen? Still got the 520?

Hope it stays, if sold will get one soon anyway… I get bored of bikes too fast :frowning:

see you at rednal drb :slight_smile:

Not doing Rednal :frowning:
Wife’s different plans… shame as was looking for it.

Have FUN!

Hey Darren, I’m doing ok thanks mate. How about you?

Yep, still got the 520 - and still love riding it. There really isn’t a bike I’d rather have - at least none that I could dream of affording to buy.

Pity I haven’t managed to join any BCRs for a while, must try harder! Seeing that video of someone trying to keep up with officer Duncan on his 10R brings back fond memories! :hehe: