Supermoto vs sport vs touring vs classic vs enduro

Which are the most popular and have the most users? Which give you the most fun?
What you think ?

Here are some stats to help with this discussion:

Or, you might be able to see it in a pretty chart here:

Doesn’t cover SM as it’s included in the enduro

Once you exclude the scooters, nakeds have the most new registrations by far over the past 5 years…

I’ve owned a naked, an SM and an adventure. Difficult to say which I would prefer.

Right now I might go with an SM simply because I would only be able to do very limited amount of riding. And SMs are fun from the get go. But it wears out pretty quick if you’re not willing to push it. I found the naked much more forgiving and make me feel like I could go a lot faster

The adventure was a mix of both but was just too heavy and too high maintenance to warrant a couple of hours a month…

what i prefer the most depends on what I’m doing;

less then 50mph or through town then SM
over 50mph open roads, then sports/road bike
Off road then trail bike, obviously

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Pfff offroad is much better on an SM. You get a proper workout picking it up every 3 minutes and pushing it out of mud every 5.

I’ve not tried it yet, keep meaning to even though its a terrible idea.

need to find
someone silly enough to try it with me, and up for constantly picking up a lardy DRZ

Nivag was always helpful with mine…
The best time is summer a couple of days after heavy rain. Light dusty trails exposed to sun are dry and you can build up speed, only to not see the little bit still muddy and slip :joy:

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It was good times, though I think you helped to pick up mine more :joy: