Supermoto thefts

Keep your bikes well locked up if you are in North London, particulally is Islington as there is a gang targeting supermotos. Just look at the KTM forum and you can get an idea of how many are going.

seems like there is lots of moto’s going all around there:angry: my 660 never leaves my sight cos they are magnets to scum

last time some [email protected] try’d to take my last 640 lc4 i stayed up for 5 nights waiting for them to come back. the 1st one of them i could get my hands on was going to get a very hard battering BUT luckly for them they never come back

see one teh other day blasting along a 30 road at 60-70+, in islington, defo nicked, roof lid, tracksuit…not your average ,motard rider!

he was followed shortly by a grey vespa, i think this is one of he bikes that went missing on monday, sighted at penton street heading towards islington nick.

yep that is one of the nicked ones. Roof chav was one photographed by paps nicking handbags.

They are scum and I wold like to spend some time with one of them.

AH! i see teh one on the vespa quite regulary, next time he pulls up at the lights and i see him he’s gonna get a suprise :angry:

he also has a black 05 R6.

they live i think near islington nick, barnsbury way.:wink:

An associate lives out Chavford100/Ockendon way. His stolen KTM was in the papers to do with the Hand Bag blaggs.:blush:

So if we know where/who they are, are we gonna have the matter “taken care of”? The sh1t thing is, some of’em will actually be real bikers!

more than happy to show you were i have seen them knocking about:)

I had an associate that has a natural aptitude for these matters. I wonder if he’s still in business?:wink:

Get him onboard mate!

I had my DRZ nicked from Baker Street last year. Luckily the scum couldn’t get the disc lock off so they dumped it. The police found it and I got it back with minimal damage. Always lock em up guys even if its for a few minutes. These [email protected]@rdts could be watching you!!!

Oh, and I wear a roof helmet!

your lucky there was a drz attached to your disk lock mate cos they’d have stripped the lock of its parts & flog it on ebay:D

ooch :pinch:


F’ing amatures!

What do you mean…???

I think it was a joke :slight_smile:

The scummy thieve’s…F’ing amatures!:cool:

An update thats already been posted elsewhere on the forum…