Supermoto Technique?

Hey all.

When I wastch supermoto videos, whether the rider is on dirt or track, they seem to put one leg out in front when cornering hard. I’ve seen this in motocross racing too.

Is this to hold the bike up if it gets too low? Is it the supermoto counterpart for kneedown on a sports bike? And is it different because supermotos are too tall for kneedown?

I don’t like it, it looks uncomfortable, slightly dangerous (though I’m sure they are doing it to be safer, it just sems tat way to me…) and ugly to watch hah!

Whats the deal with this? Why, what, how and when etc?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Try it. Feel what happens to the stability as you move your leg that far forward. Rossi is doing on his MotoGP bike know too. He learnt that from Mad-Dog and Sipermoto on here!:cool:

There no point asking me. I cant ride for toffee’s!:stuck_out_tongue:

People do this on supersports bikes? Mental.
Is it probable to get knee down on a supermoto? And is this “foot out” technique essential to good supermoto riding?

Traditional SuMo riders (if there is such a thing) frown upon it, but -

As Supermotos have Motocross bikes as a base, the riding position and resulting style was also carried over. With your weight nearer the handlebars, it is easier (for some) to control balance and judge proximity to the surface by going ‘foot out’ rather than ‘knee down’ (especially as it’s quite a long way down!)

Some SuMo boots have replaceable foot sliders.

The site that did the above video (TR Media) have a great vodcast which focusses on Spanish Supermoto racing with videos throughout the season.

That video is awesome. Is it silly that I’m letting this whole footdown thing put me off supermotos?

nice one garret:)… your 2weeks of riding a ktm did you well:rolleyes::smiley:

helps give feeling from bike, sometimes i have took a lane a bit to quick & needed to tip the bike quickly. if i’d not put my foot out i would have lost the front end:pinch: when putting leg out you dont foot to the floor but more with your heel. + it looks cooler than kd:cool:







Thanks for the advice, and boyo, those are some great photos :smiley:

Have to disagree about foot out looking cooler than kneedown!
That video kinda proves you can survive without, which is probably what I plan to do. Maybe I’ll get over it heh :smiley:

you sure:hehe: those 2 fella’s would get arond the track quicker with leg out than knee down




Okay, thats fair enough. I guess I should learn both.

I know thisdidn’t happen because of foot out, but I just imagine this happening to me if I try to do foot out…

Thanks for all the advice folks.

haha neve seen that clip b4:D good thing about supermotos is they crash well. my last ktm has had many crashes by me but never nothing other than a few scuff marks or bent bars:cool: i’m yet to crash test the 525:D

525 is lighter and crash even better, tested :stuck_out_tongue:

You pick up the bike and its ready for more fun :wink:

haha, unlike a sports bike which will be written off hehe :smiley:

Motos crash ‘kindly’. On or off road ( :Whistling: )

Remember though, that both KD and foot down are more advanced manoeuvres and are perhaps best learnt and worried about once you are comfortable riding on a bigger bike at the sort of speeds and sort of places (tracks, of course) where it might make a difference.
KD is merely a consequence of and aid to taking a corner correctly, and is not strictly necessary - both cool though! :cool:

Thanks for that advice Garret :smiley:
I’m looking forward to a time when I have enough money for more bike training and a KTM :smiley:

You’re very welcome.

Although, as Mad Dog Hasslehoff points out, I didn’t have my Moto for very long, it was a wicked bike which I would still have if it weren’t for financial constraints.
You’ll love it and the associated madness of green-laning and general hoonery that goes with 'tards.
Darren and Marek will show you the way!

Cornering hard through the twisties supermoto stylee means throwing the bike onto one side then the other while the rider stays relatively upright - you can change direction a lot quicker like that than if you lean with the bike. When you have the bike on its side it helps to take the inside foot off the peg so a) it doesn’t get trapped under the bike and b) you can shift your weight onto the outside peg, which improves grip so you can get round faster. Try it!

(Not a good idea to rely on the inside foot to save a slide btw, can easily end up damaging yourself - tib/fib spiral fracture if you’re really unlucky/stupid.)

have you thought about selling your blood?:smiley:

Hehe, no blood selling as of yet, maybe if things get a tiny bit more desperate :smiley:

Thanks for the advice everyone :smiley:

In the new year when you tag along with us for some BCR action … I’m sure D-Hofty will demonstrate how much cooler it looks with his sparkies :smiley:

^^^ that’s a very weird style, looks kinda unintentional.

I think this looks a lot more competent …