SuperMoto ride-out.

Any SuperMoto ride-outs this weekend?

kent or surrey monday dude if you bored

That sounds good, PM details please.

Will still like to go local on Sunday, Essex or Herts.

DRB check your pm;)

we can meet at my shop sunday and do kent lanes it nearer to you buddy, il message you tom when i know the plan

One day we should do ride like this :w00t:

Any plans for tomorrow?

Haowsit Hein!

Welcome to LB.
(I still owe you a towel)

I’ll be at Box for twisty, Brighton-bound ride (no green laning though).
It would be good to see you mate.

Those are some of the lanes I did last Sunday before I met the BCR at 8.30 on my way home. The missed the better way to get to Navestock tho!:smiley: The road from Toot Hill to Little has been fully resurface too!:w00t:

I’ll prolly go out early tomo again. You have pm…:wink:

Fuggit, I’ll ride past The BCR rounderbout at 7.30 on my way out for a quickie!:wink:

I’m meeting Arni on his new ktm 950 and will get to BCR roundabout before 8:30am.

I’ll try to swing by to sat G’mornin if I make it out!:wink:

Good to see you again DRB. Who was that strange bloke on the 950sm?:smiley: Did you have a good BCR?

Good to see you too :slight_smile:

Nice and safe ride today, quick too.

Arnie loves his new ktm, must say its nice to ride.

We swapped our bikes to try them and it was three different worlds.

I must looked funny in my off-road boots and helmet riding gsx-r 1000 :w00t:

Then took them by small lanes of Tooth Hill on the way back, and showed them which bike is fastest :smiley:

Good man!:smiley:

I can take you this way sometime if you like. We could organise it one Sunday to make a change.

I am working on a couple of rideouts for motos in Herts with some offroading on permitted highways :smiley: If you guys are interested, let me know and I’ll post something on here! :smiley:

Yes please :smiley:

I know only one route in Herts, twisty and small lanes good for supermotos.

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After 3 rides it looks more like this;

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