Supermoto ride out: Sunday 11th

There is a VD supermoto rideout happening next weekend out to HighBeach in Epping Forest. Bar rain/snow i will be there and going from central/west london or Ace. Dont suppose anyone would mind non SM’rs

Any takers? Jay have you got that DRZ running yet? Lots of londoners for new LB membership…

What…day after xmas bash…is that wise!!

No! It’s not running yet I’d love to have come along otherwise! The engine is complete and running like a charm, but there’s a problem with the gearbox as well it seems! It’s being stripped at the moment. Try to convert all the Londoners as well for sure!

Enjoy yourself…

Jay, when you’ve got a running Motard you should join us mate.

Our pathfinders know some top motard roads out that way.

(Non tard riders welcome too, I use my sooperdook now as my new motard is for race use only.)