Supermoto build

This thread is a bit old now so maybe you’ve already seen it, but this has got to be the nicest supermoto I’ve ever seen:

p24 for the finished pics…

is veeeeeeeeeeeeery nice and he winning with 60 votes so far… only cos i never entered my bike:D

I think he won it maddog, that was from 2010 and his signature has something about ‘2010 supermoto build winner’ in it.

He’s a talented bloke is the taffster, nice to see a brit showing the yanks how to do it - even his previous bike is a beauty:…&p=815758#post815758

It’s easy to overdo it with supermotos I think, but he keeps it nice and understated and it works really well imho.

Maybe you should enter your katoom this year? :smiley:

He won in 2010 with the black pearl and will befo win this year with the black diamond.
Mine ain’t near these bikes also not finished to enter lol

Gotcha. Yeah, he’s got to win with the Diamond - what a beauty…never thought a bike could evoke such primeval feelings! :smiley:

I think I’ll even register on there and vote for it meself.