Supermoto bike?

Hi All,

Considering making my next purchase a Supermoto style Bike, green laning and for London. Never owned
one personally and dont know anybody who has so looking for your opinions on what model anyone would recommend, including servicing costs, spares and aftermarkets. (not forgetting most importantly…grin factor!!)

Hope that makes sense? lol

Thanks and take care


I had a KTM 950 Supermoto for about a year. Huuuge grin factor, did everything I wanted…except distance, awful unless you have a well padded bum. Great handling especially on the twisty stuff, it really sharpens up your corners skills & boost confidence as you can really push it, silly acceleration, but nice and tall so great round town.

First service was a little pricey, but I was told I shouldn’t have taken it to the place I did (Bracken). Bodywork, stupidly cheap (compared to the usual Jap stuff). Components are top quality (WP suspension, Brembo brakes) so you won’t be replacing those anytime soon.

Traded mine in for a Tiger 1050 as I wanted something I could pop the missus on the back with luggage…pop the luggage on the back of the KTM and it will melt your bags & clothes on the pipes. Check this out for how to get around this problem :smiley: Thats how to pack for a 2 up holiday to France.

Hope that helps

Hi Chris,

lol great photo!!! must admit I have been eyeing up a few KTM’s and quite fancy one. No worries about the missus shopping on the back…She does it mostly online :slight_smile:


It was a little top heavy that :smiley: Bung a pillion on 2 and thats one very snug journey…don’t even think about moving around on the seat to get some feeling back in your cheeks :w00t:

But KTM’s are definatley worth a look. If I had the money…and space I’d have another.

hi friendfire

supermoto’s are out of this world mate get one:D

get a ktm you’ll love it:) i’v got a lc4sm & just got a 660smc the weekend

a lc4 or duke would be a good bike to start with as the service range is around 4000miles so you can use it for a commuter bike. but they are not the best for comfort but the smile factor will override that.

i had my lc4sm for about 7 months but its in the garage now. i think the piston rings have gone. but still not that much money to fix. once back to new will be up for sale

but sm wheels are not good 4 green laning but you can change wheels on most models

even the drz 400 is a good all rounder

if you get 1 you can come out with us on the breakfast run its sooooooooooo much fun on a supermoto

ooh damn! nice looking bikes!!! I want one now lol, My fav engine was the 660 single cylinder out of ALL the bikes I have owned, that was on the MZ. Considered a Bagharia but defo fancy something different than MZ now. By the way what Model is a Lc4 sm? cos it looks a mighty fine beast!!apologies for showing my Ignorance there :smiley:


well both are lc4 :w00t: but the top pic is me new 660smc & the bottom pic is the lc4 640 more road friendly

the 660smc is a total different bike tho:D i’v just got it & the guy that had it b4 me used it for track use (brackens cup) & has put lots of money into it:cool:

what supermoto takes your fancy?

They both look great to me…but I would go for the bottom piccie…the 640 :cool: lol

I think it all depends on where you ride most, if all your time is in town and you don’t need a pillion a single supermoto is perfect. Have you seen the new Husqvarna SM610? I saw a guy in the City with one and he said it was the most insane bike he has owned. It looks featherweight.

Chris I also have the Tiger 1050 and I was 50/50 on it or a KTM, (either the 950 SM or the 990 Adv) in the end I got the Tiger as I thought it would be a better prospect long term for comfort etc. However as most of my riding is across town on the commute I still hanker after the KTM. Have you checked out Amazing site. Fitted so many bits to it after reading the info on there…

I often see a bloke on an LC4 on the commute who is a brain out nutter (with a short life span) but he does do some pretty trick wheelies etc on his LC4, it is that sort of bike, turns you into a headcase.

SuperMoto’s are awesome! I own two at the moment but I’m selling one to make room for a 450 for green laning. If you want better service intervals, reliability and cheap parts I wholeheartedly recommend KTM.

If you want a good town bike, which is also great fun on country lanes then you want a 640 SM, or the new 690 (if you like the looks :sick: ).

If you want something a little more focussed then I’d go for a 625 (like the 660, but you retain the electric start!).

For green laning, you really want off-road wheels and tyres. I think this can be an issue with some SuperMoto swinging arms, so I’d recommend getting a 625 EXC (the enduro version) and then getting supermoto wheels for it.

Bad points:
Uncomfortable over a long distance
Small tank

Bad camera phone pic of my 625:


Hi Torq,Yeah, I’ve been on a few times, not a bad site…but way too many moaners :slight_smile: “my tiger this, my tiger that” quit griping and ride the damn thing.I know what you mean about wanting to go back to the KTM, I don’t normally commute by bike to work, but last week I was off site in Hayes for a few days so I rode then, the Tiger was good, but nipping into those gaps & blasting from the lights the KTM would have won everytime, ah well. On the other hand, coming back on the M25 I was glad I had the Tiger.

Im gonna get a KTM supermoto as my 2nd bike when I have the cash! :smiley:

I would, but then I would have to have 3 bikes!! :w00t: Tiger for personal speed & comfort, Ducati ST2 when I’ve bought it of Macp & fixed it for 2 up, KTM ofr general nuttyness. Hmm, not sure if bank manager would agree to that :rolleyes:

Ive got a Yamaha XT660X ,had it 3 years now and use it everyday for commuting ,more of a street moto and quite heavy,but its still good fun for blats down the twisties at weekends,also service intervals are every 6000 miles a bit more than the 3000 that the KTMs need,(correct me if im wrong )

I also have a CCMR30 ,which has higher spec parts ,but many of the supermoto gods still class as a street moto,much lighter than the YAM but great fun.

All in all these bikes are great as long as you dont like long distances and they need fuel every 80 miles (120 on the YAM)

Cheers for all the replies and pointers!! some stunning bikes to choose from! Once current bikes are sold Im gonna get one, so If i find anything I might ask you guys for some advice before purchasing if you don’t mind? Keep them coming by the way!!!

Seen a few CCM’s but not sure what they are like for parts and stuff? and as for comfort try riding the Cagiva Raptor for more than 30mins!!! now THATS uncomfortable lol, anyhow If it was comfort I was craving I would settle for a car :wink:

Main use will be street, and many trips into London (approx 20 miles away) would be too damn worried about dropping the bike off road or track lol

Mick does have too many moaners, agreed! LOL.

Great knowledge base though.

Reading all this makes me also want a supermoto to get to work on, Tiger for distance, then that would be 4 bikes, not ideal/ practical.

That CCM is!

A guy who parks near me has the flatracker CCM, looks fresh.

Check this one out,love it or hate it i would love one ! the flat track syle does appeal to me a lot .

DAMN HOT!!! I love that :slight_smile:

Had my CCM DS for 2 years now and loving it.

Great for road use, long service intervals (Suzuki engine) and despite ‘urban legend’ has been very reliable…
Heavy for using on the track compared to KTM, Huskies etc. but I’ve dropped it a few times (;)) and worse thing was lost indicator lense…:smiley:



what ever sm you buy just ride it like a prop’a mentalist (its the only way):smiley:

get one b4 the 22 november & you can come to brands hatch supermoto track day:D:):w00t: i’ll be going