Supermotard in Portugal

Hello,Here you have some photos fro Supormoto in Portugal, hope you guys like them:)

Got any more fella?

I’m a ex supermoto racer and I love pics like that.

Thanks for posting.

That’s a CRF isn’t it? Looks a bit smarter than mine was though.

looks like a yam to me :wink:

nice pics dude…keep em coming :cool:

It´s a Yamaha 450CC:w00t:

Yes i have plenty more photos:)

Old Photos… not the same level with the photod:crying:

nice pics there m8:cool: backin it in looks sooooooooooooooo cool but not so easy:crazy:

If you like check some more here:

If you like please leave a comment, i would like to see some outside riders in my forum:)

Thanks you all

Thanks mate:)

just begining the hobbie from photos

i like this shot:cool:

is that bike lowered or is he freek’ishly tall:w00t:

He´s just a Superbike rider, that gives the same style on Supermoto:w00t:

Loving the pics :cool:

Awesome photos Tugabiker! Thanks for sharing!

I love to watch Supermoto racing on Eurosport2.

Thanks lot Grimbusa… very happy that you like them…

I will post some more;):wink:

Thanks Jay, i will post some more…

I watch Eurosport 2 to;) love it