Superduke riders

yes you can all shame me for not having posted in ages and this is my first post in a while :Whistling:

But, some dude has made his own grab rail for the SDR and it looks very tidy. I want it for strapping my bags to the bike not just for a grab rail but unless he gets atleast another 6 people comited to having one he says its not worth getting them made due to the cost of a small batch.

here is the link, check it out

If someone buys me a superduke, I’d be interested :smiley:

is it too late to ask the easter bunny?

yup, I made a traditional greek bunny stew out of it…

did you save me any?

nah, but let me know if you want some of the bambi slow roast I’m making next and I’ll put a plate aside :smiley:

leave it outside by the door, he’ll be there in 12-15 hours :smiley:

be quicker than that :smiley:

Lovely bit of fabrication that is… I’d love to see more of this stuff crop up on LB…

Cheers for posting ASBO, hopefully the orders will make it to double figures!

Back on topic, looks good and will be OK to bungee stuff on to.

The black version he will be making will be good for my bike.

£95 +P&P, I will have one :slight_smile:

have you emailed him bricking it?

Be better than bungying stuff to my pegs which is why i want one

illl get onto him tomorrow when im back on proper computer