We have seats section BK 110, row V, seats 305-306
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Anyone else going?

LB will be there in full attendance covering the event. We’ve got more photographers and camera-men than the AP hitting this show up. It’s guaranteed to be a stonking event and right on our doorstep! I can’t wait, Supercross is proper bad-ass riding…

I shall be there. looks like it’ll be an awesome night :smiley:

Just got back was awesome! Once Ive uploaded my vids to youtube Ill post em :slight_smile: The lil kiddies were awesome!

Jay I saw you taking photos - who was the poor guy whos long lens got smashed by one of the bikes getting too close!?

Awesome event - and well done to the New Era Marshals…oh and the really…interesting dancing from the glamour girls :wink:

little dudes:

big jumps: