Supercorsa scrubs - 120/180

Thanks mate, got mine today :slight_smile:


Can i have two sets when you have some 180 Rears (SC2)

Cheers :slight_smile:

you can indeed. I’ll post up when I have them :wink:

Glad they arrived safely Elad :slight_smile:

Right I have 1 set still up for grabs as I have not recieved payment or delivery address.

This is, as always, a mint set of supercorsa scrubs. 120/180.

£74 including postage. If you want these PM me and I’ll give you paypal addy so you can pay and attach postage address. They are already packed and ready to go for the original buyer so will be sent out same day.



I’ll take the set mate, can collect :slight_smile:

It’s really not a good week for you Ricky lol. Sorry mate but just waiting on payment from trackday junkie and they will be off to the posty. Your name is on the next set… stamped on them…

If these aren’t paid for then they are yours mate.

I have a set of dunlop slicks that are MINT if you want them? 195 rear too and these have more grip than you can even imagine!! £60

posted last set of supercorsa

Set of Dunlop slicks available still £60 + £14 postage
Set of Dunlop Wets £100 + £14 postage

Both MINT and both a bargain.

2 rear supercorsa going too (180)

£35 + £7 postage

very happy with my tyres seb thanks buddy:)

2 more sets available.

180/120 £60 + £14 P&P.

Fronts not available on their own.

Payment made via paypal same day please.

All tyres have only been through 1 heat cycle and have endless life left as always.


More coming soon :wink:

3 more sets available :slight_smile:

£60 + £10 postage. All tyres have only been through a single heat cycle and have covered circa 20 laps only :wink:

Paypal or bank transfer accepted. Posted following day. Ideal for the road this time of year. My housemate gets 3k + miles per set at the moment commuting.

Hi mate,

interested in a set of supercorsa scrubs (120/180) you have for sale.
before I commit can I ask what compounds they are?

thank you