Supercorsa scrubs - 120/180

My housemate can’t get through them fast enough on the road so lot’s of supercorsa up for grabs. He usually gets at least 4000 miles out of a set of my scrubs on the road (honda hornet 600) and uses them year round with no problems.

Or the ultimate track day tyre!!

I have a few sets available so I’ll just list the tyres individually and you can pair as you like :wink:

SC2 120 front
SC1 120 front
SC1 180 rear x 3
SC2 180 rear x 2

£55 per set + £10 postage

Dunlop Wet rear 190 (£30)
Dunlop Ntec Slicks 120/195. Barely used these are nearly £400 a set new (yes £400!!!). Yours for £80

tempting but they wouldnt last long on a 'bird

They would be fine just like they are for any bike with the right size rims. Treat yourself :slight_smile:

I’m in need of a front, softer the better :smiley:
can collect :smiley:

seb ill have a sc2 rear please can i pick up this weekend?
pm me your number dude


bad news adz :crying: he`s away on buisness :crying: at least thats what seb told me :stuck_out_tongue:


ffs…i loose my 750 and you go around selling thease…:D…

seb…if you know of anyone selling scrubs that’ll fit my gix thou…gis a shout mate…;).




i want some tyres…

mee too…get a thou so i can get some scrubs:D.


Congrats on a productive weekend at Pembury Seb… Top Man;):smiley:

D’oh forgot about this. I’ve been rushed off my feet lately. Sorry guys.

I do indeed have tyres. 3 sets available @ £60 a set plus £14 postage (£4 more than usual as mr posty is ripping us off some more)

I have 6 rear tyres & 3 front tyres.

£25 fronts if seperate
£35 rears if seperate

1 set saved for Kev. I’ll get em posted mate :wink:

Ian & Ian both offered a set too.

Again, sorry I have taken so long to reply.

Race reports & TV Shedule info available @ for those interested

1x SC2 120 front for me please :slight_smile:

I’m short on fronts so would like to sell these as a pair if possible mate. Can I tempt you with a rear too and I’ll send it out today?

1 pair left + 2 rears.

I also have a set of mint Dunlop Rain tyres. These are the best wets in the business and now cost over £300 a set. These are in a good enough condition to race on so will last for many wet trackdays to come. Invaluable investment for damp trackday mornings through the spring and summer.

£100 + £14 postage to LB folk only. That is a total bargain!!

Only selling as I have to run pirelli wets to qualify for tyre prizes this year

A pair it is :wink: Will need a 190 mind!!! Can collect from usual place :slight_smile:

D’oh I’ve just posted them all out now. Will have another set after the weekend but won’t have any 190’s as I’m not using them :frowning:

You have first dibs on the next ones for sure though mate. Sorrryyyy


What is a scrub? And why are they so desirable?

Scrubs are part worn tyres that have generally been used for racing. The quality of these varies massively as some racers will use a tyre for 100+ laps and some will only use them for 30 or less (that’s me!)

These tyres are £270 a set new. They can be used on the road, my housemate on his honda 600 gets 3-4000 miles out of a pair or they offer ultimate grip on trackdays and should last at least 2 trackdays, or more depending on pace etc.

I won’t use tyres for more than 30 laps as they lose the last tiny bit of grip needed to run fast lap times.

I am suprised the dunlop wets are still sitting by the heater in my garage though. I’ll chuck them on ebay.