Superblackbird (03) and 600rr (03 project/spares/repair)

Just putting these out there to see if there’s any interest here before they go out to other site. Having a bit of a reset bike wise, so my Blackbird is to go, was standing for a while but has been back on the road for the last couple of months. This year has had fluids and filters replace, new fuel pump and battery. 03 plate, 60K miles and lives outside mostly so isnt perfect. 10mths MoT, starts stops and goes very fast. Fork seal gone but its getting too big and heavy for my old knees so will go around £1500. Will take some pics if anyone is interested.
Also have my broken CBR600RR (03), engine in bits as compression has gone, couple panels have cracks. 40k and looking around around £500.
If anyone is interested i’ll get some pics sorted - cheers

What’s the front end like on the 600?

Somewhat tempted, but wouldn’t be able to give a answer for a couple of weeks

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dammit, I’ve always fancied a blackbird. go on then, show us some pics.

here you go @me_groovy

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only have this one at the mo, the rain at the weekend put paid to any more - will take some in the next break in the weather

Got a mate interested in the cbr, he needs to loom and ecu but he’ll take the whole lot to keep it simple. pics of that too please!

Pic from last year - pre pedestrian panel cracking session. Now in bits in shed but will get more pics at the weekend if required.

Yup my mate will take that and can collect Sunday. PM me your number and I’ll pass it on :slight_smile:

Damn, that sure does seem like a good deal.